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We've put together a CSCMP Exclusive, giving you access to two recently released reports about on-demand warehousing. Find out how retailers and brands use on-demand warehousing to complement their distribution network with additional capacity and services.

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Gartner: How Shippers Can Benefit from the Fast-Growing On-Demand Warehouse Marketplace Sector

Get Gartner’s report, "How Shippers Can Benefit from the Fast-Growing On-Demand Warehouse Marketplace Sector" to learn more about on-demand warehouse marketplaces, including:

  • Recommendations for testing a marketplace strategy
  • Value-added services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and cloud-based WMS technology
  • How on-demand warehousing can offset labor challenges

The 2019 State of On-Demand Warehousing

eCommerce and omnichannel retail have increased the demands on retailers and brands. On-demand warehousing and fulfillment offers them an alternative to traditional warehousing solutions. In this report, find out about:

  • Key warehousing challenges impacting the retail industry, including the tight real estate market and inventory fluctuations
  • How on-demand warehousing solutions alleviate warehousing and fulfillment challenges
  • Trends in the FLEXE marketplace pricing and usage

Some of the key insights in this report:

  • Managing inventory fluctuation is a challenge for businesses: 74% of survey respondents report that fluctuating inventory levels result in excess capacity, or excess inventory without a place to store it.
  • There is a clear need for new warehousing solutions: 90% of businesses who deal with inventory fluctuation need additional capacity throughout the year.
  • Inventory fluctuation is getting harder to control and predict: 49% of survey respondents report that the drivers of inventory fluctuations are increasing.
  • Businesses are forfeiting money: The majority of respondents (44%) accept excess capacity as a “sunk cost.”
  • Available capacity exists: More than half (54%) of respondents with excess warehouse space have between 10,000-100,000+ square feet available.
  • The applications for on-demand warehousing are evolving: In 2019, 77% of businesses that use on-demand warehousing services use it for fulfillment, a 48% increase from 2017.