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Better warehousing and fulfillment starts here

Increasing customer demands are putting pressure on traditional logistics models and driving the need for new solutions. Position goods closer to your customers and respond faster with on-demand storage and fulfillment from FLEXE.

Simplify how you work with suppliers and improve your delivery to customers

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One platform, unlimited reach

Connect to the warehouse providers in our network. All of your data is in one place, and you can add locations and services with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

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Ultimate scalability

Your business is dynamic, your distribution network should be too. With FLEXE, there are no startup costs and you pay only for what you use. Adding fulfillment centers is simple and cost-effective, so you can be where your customers are.

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Dedicated team, continuous improvement

From daily operations to strategic planning, our team of seasoned supply chain operators are here to support your network and keep things moving.

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2019 eCommerce Fulfillment and Logistics Report

Our latest research reveals key trends and consumer insights to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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2020 Retail & Logistics Trends

Find out what some of the FLEXE executives see on the horizon in the 2020 Retail & Logistics Predictions video.

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Last-Mile Logistics

Find out how to improve inventory allocation and last-mile logistics in 2020. The result? Happier customers.

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Build a dynamic, flexible warehousing and fulfillment network that meets demand. Build something that improves the customer experience, and gives you the structural flexibility.