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Enhance decision-making abilities to manage disruption

This report has expired. Please visit our COVID-19 resources page to find current information on how the supply chain and retail industries are being impacted by COVID-19.

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This report has expired. For more information on COVID-19, and its impact on supply chain, please visit any of the following pages:

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented level of uncertainty for businesses around the world. As a result, many supply chain leaders are faced with having to make more decisions, and with information that is constantly changing.

Making a smart call fast is difficult without the right set of tools. Gartner’s report, “Coronavirus Requires Supply Chain Leaders to Adopt Enhanced Decision-Making Abilities,” includes useful frameworks to help supply chain leaders make decisions quickly and confidently.

The report is complimentary in hopes you’ll find it useful during these tough times. At FLEXE, we’re confident we’re going to get through this and know there’s a lot we can learn on the way.

In the report, you’ll find out how to:

  • Make decisions faster using scenario-based constraints
  • Better manage the influx of decisions you’re having to make right now
  • Cultivate an ongoing strategy and process to make more efficient decisions in any situation


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