Author: Karl Siebrecht

Fulfillment, Network Expansion, and the Implications on Inventory Management

We live in a time where customers prefer, expect, and demand immediate fulfillment of their orders. Two decades of growth from Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others have given rise to an expansive network of multi-modal shipping options and world class information systems. Now more than ever, the advancements in the shipping industry can level […]

Flying Warehouses! And Mobile Fulfillment Centers that Exist Today

An Amazon patent was recently discovered, detailing plans to create an “airborne fulfillment center.” Illustrations in the filing show a flying warehouse, which would remain at high altitudes as drones fly back and forth between the warehouse and nearby shipping destinations. The flying warehouse is designed to do things like hover over stadiums and restock concession stands […]

Lessons from Startups and Fortune 500s Using Short-term Warehousing to Get Ahead

Supply chain managers for Ace Hardware, Iron Mountain and a bed-in-a-box startup came together at the recent Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) annual conference and shared their personal stories about how they are using short-term (on-demand) warehousing to solve overflow problems, generate new revenues and gain ground in the battle for fast, low-cost […]

1 Big Lesson E-commerce Can Take From Walmart/ Acquisition

Walmart seems to be looking at every angle of its business as it tries to catch-up with Amazon’s giant online retail lead. Walmart’s acquisition of has sparked an outcry across the Internet asking the question “will it” or “won’t it” help Walmart compete with Amazon. From a logistics and fulfillment standpoint, there is one big reason […]

Logistics 2.0: 5 Innovative Technical Solutions for the Supply Chain

In this episode of Logistics 2.0 we discuss 5 innovative technical solutions to help supply chains increase speed & efficiency to help companies be more competitive in the market. Watch the video here, or read the transcript below! Keeping up with changing consumer expectations in the digital economy can be tricky business. Today on Logistics 2.0, we’re gonna […]

Dynamic Warehousing Quarterly Pricing Report

This is the first report in a quarterly series that will highlight trends and insights in the dynamic warehousing market. It marks the first time dynamic warehousing has been analyzed in detail and serves to establish benchmarks for future reports and analyses. Dynamic warehousing is a relatively new business model that’s been gradually taking hold in the supply […]

Chasing Amazon: Building a Dynamic Warehouse Network White Paper

In this episode of Logistics 2.0, we discuss our recent white paper: “Chasing Amazon: Building a Dynamic Warehouse Network”. You can download the white paper here, watch the video, or read the transcript below! After yet another successful quarter, Amazon has proven once again that it continues to redefine the future of logistics. We’re going to explore […]

On-Demand Company Spotlight: wework

You could probably come up with several on-demand service companies off the top of your head without hesitating; Uber, airbnb, Postmates… There are hundreds of companies founded on the idea that when consumers want something, they want it now. And in business, our expectations are no different. So, there is also a broad spectrum of […]

Top 3 Logistics Predictions for the 2016 Holiday Season

It’s not even Q3 yet, but like most people in the supply chain & logistics industries we are already thinking about Holiday 2016. In the most recent episode of Logistics 2.0, we discuss our top 3 predictions for this years holiday season. Watch the video here, or read the transcript below! It’s May, so time to talk about […]

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