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On-demand warehousing: No fixed costs or long-term commitments.

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What is on-demand warehousing?

Take advantage of FLEXE’s 1,000+ national warehouses to instantly add warehouse space when and where you need it. We have capacity to handle thousands of pallets or you can simply test FLEXE with a couple hundred.

The best way to learn more is to TALK TO US

I contacted FLEXE to find the right space and service partner and very quickly we were good to go and able to start moving product immediately.

—ACE Hardware

SEARCH: Find the right warehouse partner in 5 minutes or less.

It’s free and only takes moment to sign-up a warehouse and set pricing. Warehouses name their own terms and accept or reject the projects they want.

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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Inventory at your fingertips with no integration required.

Shipper workflow and communication are supported with tools that aid the execution of inbound and outbound deliveries, inventory management, shipment assembly, change management and real-time alerts.

BILLING: Automated Billing synchronizes shipments & services.

The system integrates invoices from multiple warehouses while ensuring accuracy and visibility resulting a single invoice and simplifying billing.

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ANALYTICS: Easily understand your operations across the FLEXE network.

The operational dashboard includes past, current and future shipments as well as advanced analytics that provide insight into shipping efficiency and network design.