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FLEXE Hub: Amazon Prime Day 2019 news roundup

All the latest news on Amazon's biggest day of the year

Amazon Prime Day is officially over, but the headlines are still rolling in. From employee strikes to competing sales, there's a lot to talk about. We'll be gathering the latest news and takeaways from the sale right here. Check back to stay up to date on all things Prime Day and see last year's results here: Takeaways from 2018 Prime Day.

Bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined

From a sales perspective, Amazon Prime Day was a HUGE hit. According to Amazon, it was "the largest shopping event" yet. Its sales topped last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, with members purchasing a record 175 million items.

CNN reported that “in the United States, Instant Pots and DNA kits were the top-selling items. Prime members in the United States also bought more than 100,000 laptops, 200,000 TVs and more than 1 million toys.”

This is particularly impressive as other retailers like eBay, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy decided to throw competing sales. eCommerce research firm, Edison Trends, found that "online shoppers spent more than 10 times as much money on Amazon in the first day than they did on Walmart and eBay combined."

Via CNN Business and Bloomberg

Amazon's not delivering on its delivery promise

One-day shipping may be the new standard promise, but right now, many shoppers are seeing longer-than-expected delivery times that exceed even the previous two-day standard. The record sales seem to be more than the eCommerce giant can handle. An Amazon spokeswoman stated that "one- and two-day shipping options were likely unavailable in many U.S. major markets due to the volume of sales during Prime Day."



As successful as the sale was, not everyone was on board. Many Amazon warehouse workers used the sale as a day to hold strikes around the company's alleged poor labor practices. In fact, analysis of Twitter sentiment from Sprout Social revealed that 16% of the social chatter was negative and included mentions of "workers," "pay," "strike," "#amazonstrike," and "#primedaystrike."

Via Vox and Fast Company

It’s a question of loyalty

Amazon Prime Day was an undisputable sales success, but whether or not it brought in subscribers that plan to stick around remains to be seen. Search intelligence firm, Captify, found that “internet searches for ‘Canceling Amazon Prime’ were 18 times higher” at the start of the sale than they were prior to it. Indicating that “consumers are signing up for Prime, getting their deals and then canceling membership shortly after.”

Via Bloomberg

Prime Day takeaways

Prime Day came right on the heels of Amazon’s big one-day shipping announcement, so it had a lot to live up to. But it didn’t come without its fair share of problems. The delivery promise was off, employees were striking, and competitor sales were happening at the same time. Despite all that, Prime Day was still a record-breaking success. It has essentially become summer’s Black Friday, the official start of back-to-school shopping, and a can’t-miss shopping event. What will they do to top it next year? And will another retailer be able to match it? See you at Prime Day 2020.