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4 Ways to Boost Listings for FLEXE Warehouse Providers

You’ve realized your empty warehouse could be generating revenue and you've made the easy decision to join FLEXE’s online marketplace. This is, perhaps, more innovative than most warehouses in the industry. But how do you win more when you’re already winning?

The FLEXE marketplace connects businesses in need to warehouses with capacity and helps create additional revenue, but warehouse partners shouldn’t sit idle waiting for the requests to come in.

Follow these simple tips to enhance your warehouse listing and attract more demand for your open space:

1. Add a photo

Does your listing include a picture of your warehouse space? A good picture of your space can make a customer feel more secure about storing goods at your warehouse. To include high-quality photos of your space:

  • Use a real camera instead of a cell phone or a cell phone with a higher quality camera
  • Turn off your flash, especially if the lighting is bright, to avoid reflections from surfaces and to bring more depth to the photo
  • Keep the horizon straight in the photo by not tilting or turning the camera when taking the photo

2. Update services and certifications

Are your listed services and certifications correct? Some customers are looking for specific services or certifications. Not listing what you’re capable of could hurt your chances when customers have specific needs. To better your chances of winning bids:

  • Ensure your profile is complete and includes all of your special services and certifications
  • Attain additional certifications or modify your warehouse to enable offering more services
  • Check back frequently with FLEXE to learn more about the most-requested services in your area

3. Think fast

Do you respond to an incoming request within 24-hours? Being quick can help you win more bids, especially when customers have an urgent request. To become more efficient with faster response times:

  • Check for incoming requests frequently
  • Follow the “touch it once” principle by deciding and responding as soon as you read the request
  • Keep an eye on your peaks and valleys for availability to allow for faster decision making

4. Expand storage capabilities

Do you have the resources to expand your current facilities? Many of FLEXE’s supply partners have increased their revenue potential by partnering with FLEXE to enhance their service offerings, which helps them to become a preferred supplier. Ways to grow your existing operations include:

  • Consider putting racks in your warehouse to handle more products in the existing space
  • Add additional warehouses to the FLEXE network
  • Expand beyond pallet storage and work with FLEXE to include other services such as pop-up fulfillment