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Chasing Amazon: Dynamic Warehouse Strategies

There’s no question that Amazon has changed consumer expectations.

Karl Siebrecht, Co-founder & CEO, FLEXE

The “Chasing Amazon” Webcast Details a Smart New Supply Chain Strategy for Competing with Amazon

There’s no question that Amazon has changed consumer expectations. One or two-day shipping is no longer a luxury, it’s now crucial to winning and keeping customers. So, how can retailers without Amazon’s 90+ North American warehouses compete? How can wholesale distributors keep up with ever-increasing expectations of consumers? How do these new consumer requirements change distribution network design and management? The answers to these questions require rethinking the nature of distribution networks and the traditionally static warehouses that define them. We wanted to provide an informative resource that helps answer these questions.

Last week, I participated in a webcast hosted by The Journal of Commerce that encapsulates the cornerstones of Amazon’s innovative and highly successful supply chain design and walks through a groundbreaking supply chain strategy that can smartly enable your business to compete with Amazon.

The webcast, titled, Chasing Amazon: Dynamic Warehouse Strategies outlines some of Amazon’s astounding growth statistics, the enormous supply chain investments they’re making to continue that growth and highlights of their revolutionary logistics strategy. Following the brief Amazon overview, we discuss the details of a new, but proven, strategy that can enable retailers and wholesalers to cost-effectively compete with the Amazon model: The Dynamic Warehouse Network.

Our discussion includes:

  • The definition, implementation and variations of a dynamic warehouse strategy
  • How retailers and wholesalers can use dynamic warehousing to their advantage by countering Amazon’s size with flexibility and countering Amazon’s scale with industry scale
  • How to model a dynamic warehouse network to match the specific needs of the business
  • Cost/benefit analyses with real-world examples.

The webcast is free and the recorded version can be accessed anytime:

The Chasing Amazon Webcast.

The slides from the webcast are also available on SlideShare.

Chasing Amazon: Dynamic Warehouse Strategies from FLEXE, Inc.

Featured Speakers:

Karl Siebrecht, CEO of FLEXE
Steve Johanson, CEO, Starboard Corp.

Amitabh Sinha, Assoc. Prof. of Technology and Operations, Ross School of Business at U. Michigan


Vivek Rajeevan, Student Consultant, MBA Class of 2017, Ross School of Business at U. Michigan

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