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FLEXE Hub: Prime day is upon us

A roundup of the latest news on logistics, retail, and industry trends

Keeping up with the latest store closures, emerging tech, and what Amazon is doing could easily be a full-time job. Luckily for you, it’s ours.

We’re looking at the biggest retail and logistics headlines from the past few weeks, including:

  1. The challenges of eCommerce
  2. Brands dealing with woke-washing
  3. The latest news on Prime Day

Let’s talk logistics

It may be 2019, but not everyone has this whole eCommerce thing figured out yet. According to a recent report from DHL Supply Chain, 60% of logistics and supply chain leaders said that their organizations haven’t yet fully implemented an eCommerce strategy.

What’s holding them back? Changing customer expectations, particularly not having the back-end infrastructure to handle one- or two-day delivery. This was cited as the number one barrier for both B2C and B2B businesses.

One survey respondent stated that "the need for accurate information about product availability, shipping, and inventory counts will become the single-most strategic element for driving bottom-line success and establishing customer loyalty."

The way to get there? According to Jim Gehr, president of retail at DHL Supply Chain North America, businesses need company-wide alignment on their eCommerce strategy, and should also consider how third parties can help alleviate some of the operational burdens. He points out that “while [outsourcing] doesn't get firms off the hook for developing a strategy, it can save them the headache or lost opportunities that come with trying to develop such a complicated function from the ground up.”

Via Supply Chain Dive and DHL Supply Chain

Retail, reinvented

When sensitivity falls flat

Should Burger King talk about depression? Retail Dive explored how using socially or politically-aware advertising, or “woke-washing”, can be bad for the industry, compromise authenticity, and dilute serious issues.

What began as a way to lure in millennial and Gen-Z consumers is now doing just the opposite. Businesses that are trying to force themselves into cultural conversations that have nothing to do with their brand or actions, come off as tone-deaf and inauthentic—and their audiences notice.

So, how can retailers and brands talk about their values without coming off as disingenuous? According to Leslie Pascaud, Kantar's senior partner and head of brand practice for North America, "the question and the answer is, if you are going to do this, it's all about how much of it is going to ring true given who you are as a brand historically, what you stand for and also what you're doing, not just what you're saying."

Via Retail Dive

What’s Amazon up to?

Putting its one-day delivery to the test

Sure, Amazon can pull off one-day delivery under normal circumstances, but it hasn’t yet faced the huge, website-crashing order volumes that Prime Day induces. Prime Day is expected to “to generate between $5 billion and $6 billion in gross merchandise value,” according to an analyst at Bank of America. Can its distribution centers handle it? Analysts at Forrester think that this year will be a true test-run of their new delivery promise to find out if it’s really ready for the holiday rush.

Things kicked off today, July 15th, at 3 am and will end at 2:59 pm on July 16th. Check back for our full Prime Day debrief after the two-day event is over.


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