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Logistics 2.0: Tech Spotlight: Cargomatic

In this weeks episode of Logistics 2.0, we are introducing a new segment called "Tech Spotlight". The Tech Spotlight will be focused on innovative companies & products in the logistics, warehousing & supply chain management industries. This weeks spotlight is on Cargomatic.

Watch the video here, or read the transcript below!

Welcome to Logistics 2.0! I'm Karl Siebrecht. Today, we're kicking off another new segment called, "Tech Spotlight." This week's focus is on a company in the growing sector, sometimes referred to as collaborative logistics. One of the most interesting technology companies in this space is Cargomatic.

Cargomatic connects businesses that need to ship goods locally with truckers who are nearby and have available capacity on their trucks. They help to transform the $82 billion trucking industry by bringing more efficiency and transparency to the market.

Local trucking is a highly fragmented industry that in many ways still operates with Roledexes and fax machines. Prior to the Cargomatic solution, it was more difficult for many shippers to connect with local carriers and owner operators in an efficient and scalable way.

On the carrier side, drivers had no way of letting nearby shippers know when they had extra space in their trucks and could pick up extra shipments. Cargomatics' technology allow small carriers to market empty space on their trucks in real time. Which helps maximize trucker revenues while increasing overall capacity and efficiency in the marketplace.

They offer complete transparency throughout the entire shipping process. From GPS tracking of drivers in freight to digitally signed documents and paperless billing. Both shippers and carriers have access to powerful web and app tools, and the software itself is free.

Cargomatic simply collects a small fee for each transaction. Cargomatics' mission is to make booking a local shipment as easy as shopping online. They're an exciting part of a larger shift in the industry towards better technology solutions, real time communication and tracking and more generally greater overall logistics efficiency.

Their focus now is on Southern and Northern California, as well as the New York City area. Keep an eye on Cargomatic as they continue to add regions, capabilities, and customers. To learn more about them, visit their site at

That's the Tech Spotlight on Logistics 2.0! for this week. Our thanks to the team at Cargomatic. If you enjoy this content and want to hear more about technology companies and other note worthy issues in our industry, click on the link to learn more about Flex and subscribe to our channel.

That's it for this week. I'm Karl Siebrecht with Flexe, thanks for watching Logistics 2.0!