On-demand Warehousing “Best Practices” Guide for Warehouse Operators


Do you struggle with losing money on empty warehouse space at different times throughout the year? Are you looking for a way to generate capital by renting short-term warehouse space to shippers in need of space?

On-demand warehousing might be the right fit for you. FLEXE’s online marketplace connects people with extra warehouse capacity to those in need of extra space. Our technology platform makes it easy to manage multiple projects and track all inbound and outbound pallet activity from a single dashboard. 3PLs, manufacturers and retailers alike have been turning to on-demand warehousing to boost revenues during down times.

We’ve put together a “best practice” guide for supply partners interested in leveraging on-demand warehousing to turn their empty space into valuable capital.

The guide walks you through the following sections:

  • On-demand warehousing 101
  • Getting started in 4 easy steps
  • One-and-done legal contracts
  • How the technology works
  • How to increase revenue over time
  • See how others are doing it


Download a copy of the free guide today and start generating revenue.


// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results