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Shopify Fulfillment: Helping Shopify Merchants Focus on Growth, Not Order Fulfillment

Your customers want fast, free delivery.

Karl Siebrecht, Co-founder & CEO, FLEXE

Your customers want fast, free delivery. In fact, the number one reason online shopping carts are abandoned has to do with unexpected delivery costs. Sixty percent of the time, your fulfillment and shipping strategy can make or break a sale. That’s a lot of pressure.

For many of today’s retailers, the Shopify eCommerce platform and its community of experts has enabled businesses to create a simple and easy-to-use online experience for shoppers. In doing so, retailers have been able to focus on what they’re good at: creating great products, getting their name out there, and acquiring new customers.

For similar reasons, we’re excited to announce that we now offer Shopify merchants a secret weapon to offering a better delivery promise. As of today, Shopify merchants can easily integrate with FLEXE to gain instant access to a nation-wide, on-demand fulfillment and logistics solution—capable of creating a next-day delivery network.

Just as Shopify has offset the need to build and manage your own website, FLEXE offers a substantive fulfillment network and a team of experts to help you create the delivery promise and experience your customers (and brand) deserve.

With the FLEXE and Shopify Integration, you can…

Save time and money on building a fulfillment network

As your demand grows, so too, should your fulfillment network. It’s impossible to meet today’s ever-evolving customer demands for free, next-day or same-day shipping with only one fulfillment center. With a larger footprint, you can place more inventory closer to your customers and offset outbound costs—making it easier to offer competitive delivery times and costs.

Until recent years, creating a bigger footprint meant entering into multiple long-term lease agreements and contracts. Fixed real-estate assets hardly make it possible to scale up and down, and often leaves businesses with either too little or too much space as demand fluctuates throughout the year.

FLEXE connects Shopify merchants to a network of more than 850 third-party and independently owned warehouses that have extra capacity and resources throughout the year. Instead of sourcing and procuring new locations in different markets, you can use FLEXE as your single point of entry to finding the fulfillment center(s) you need, in the location(s) you need it.

Start small, build big

For every warehouse provider you use in the FLEXE network, there’s a single set of terms. That means it’s an incredibly scalable model for growing your fulfillment network.

It probably doesn’t make sense to add 16 fulfillment centers to your distribution network overnight. However, starting small with the ability to grow into more markets and more locations—using the same technology and set of terms—does.

Enhance visibility through better inventory management

Inventory allocation and management isn’t easy, but as you increase your fulfillment footprint, you’re going to need to do more of it. Being able to assess how product moves through varying fulfillment locations can help you optimize forecasting and allocation efforts as you continue to grow.

With FLEXE, you get a single view into inventory across every FLEXE provider in your network.

For example…

Lucy, an operations manager at a online personal care brand, has sales coming through her company’s Shopify store as well as from a handful of retail store partnerships. With several active FLEXE warehouses managing direct-to-consumer fulfillment and replenishment into those retail stores, all inventory and order management is being handled through the FLEXE platform. From one view, Lucy can use FLEXE to get real-time inventory counts across each FLEXE location so that accurate stock levels are reflected on the Shopify store while also meeting the inventory needs of their retail partners.

Keep your brand top-of-mind

You’ve worked hard to establish your company as a brand customers want and can trust. Your delivery promise is a part of that. But as you grow, order volume can impact operations and slow delivery times.

With FLEXE, you can scale your fulfillment operations to meet demand without compromising delivery times. Our fulfillment providers have experience in picking and packing to brand standards. Your products get fulfilled on time and show up on your customers’ doorsteps in your brand.

How it works

Locating a new or additional fulfillment provider in the FLEXE network is easy:

  • FLEXE provides merchants with a network analysis to determine how many fulfillment centers, and in what locations, will best meet your customer demand
  • FLEXE finds the best fulfillment providers in the FLEXE marketplace to manage your projects
  • Shopify merchants then share their API key with FLEXE to complete the integration within minutes
  • Inventory data is shared with FLEXE and dropoffs to the warehouse are scheduled using the FLEXE platform
  • Orders flow from Shopify to FLEXE and when fulfilled the merchant’s timeline in Shopify is automatically updated

Once a fulfillment center is activated and orders are placed, the following happens:

  1. FLEXE pulls order data from Shopify API
  2. FLEXE routes batch orders to appropriate warehouse(s)
  3. Warehouse fulfills order using FLEXE scanners and software
  4. Shipping notification with tracking number is sent to Shopify app

How to get started

It’s easy. We’re here to help you build a sustainable, strong fulfillment strategy that keeps your customers happy and makes your business grow.

Below is a 4-step implementation plan that our customers have found worked for them: