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Logistics 2.0: Tech Spotlight - Starboard Tactician for Supply Chain Planning

In this weeks episode of Logistics 2.0 we review Starboard Solutions product, TACTICIAN. TACTICIAN helps supply chain & logistics professions make visual, informed supply chain planning decisions.

Watch the video here, or read the transcript below!

Today, we're going to look at Starboard Solutions and their flagship product, TACTICIAN. It's a new powerful approach to supply chain design on today's Tech Spotlight.

Welcome to Logistics 2.0. I'm Karl Siebrecht with FLEXE. Today, we have another installment of our series, Tech Spotlight. Our focus this week is on Starboard Solutions, a provider of supply chain decision-making software that visualizes and compares supply chain data and decisions in real-time. Starboard was founded by Steve Johanson in 2014. It evolved out of his consulting firm that specializes in developing analytics to support decision-making. Starboard partnered with eyeWire Corporation, a software company that specializes in robotics and gaming simulation and together they produced a powerful and interactive simulation tool, today known as TACTICIAN.

TACTICIAN is today used by a number of logistics organizations, 3PLs, manufacturers and distributors. Starboard helps organizations that struggle to analyze their supply chains and make the right logistics decisions based on quantifiable savings. As in any business, making good decisions starts with good data and the capability to easily work with and visualize that data. Previous solutions have often relied on complicated and expensive software and even more expensive consulting support to model a supply chain network. As a result, a network design project could and still can take up to three months or even longer, and most of this time is consumed by acquiring data and building a believable or realistic model. One of the reasons this exercise has been historically challenging is because over 90% of all supply chain analysis is still done ad hoc on spreadsheets.

Starboard uses compelling advancements in big data and gaming technologies. It provides a simulation platform that is pre-population with a complete set of reference data. In addition, the interface is visual and intuitive. As a result, TACTICIAN allows analysts to focus on solving the problem rather than learning software or seeking data. Just as a pilot can rely on maps and data already inside of a flight simulator, a TACTICIAN user can rely on baseline data already within TACTICIAN and focus his or her time on running supply chain scenarios. Then, additional data can be added as needed to further refine and customize the models.

In addition, the platform is 100% web-deployed and offered either for single subscribers or as configurable for enterprise subscriptions. The back end runs on Linux servers, is primarily Scala programming code with solvers and heuristic analytics built in to provide immediate calculation. It's a great example of applying the latest technologies to a challenge that faces organizations every day.

Starboard seeks to take one of the oldest and most challenging aspects of supply chain planning and network design and create a whole new way of solving the problem. A project that previously took weeks and often was never completed can now take hours. Also, a project that was performed by a single analyst in the isolation of their work station can now be done interactively in a conference room with key collaborators on hand. Given what they've done already to advance logistics planning, we have no doubt the future is bright for Starboard.

That's the Tech Spotlight on Logistics 2.0 for this week. Our thanks to the great team at Starboard Solutions. If you like this content and want to learn more about supply chain planning, please subscribe to our channel, share the link, sign up for our email and post your comments below. I'm Karl Siebrecht with FLEXE and we'll see you next time on Logistics 2.0.