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Top 10 Articles on the FLEXE Blog in 2016

It’s been a year of growth and great knowledge for the on-demand warehousing industry. We’ve been writing our blog for nearly a year now, creating a collection of articles and original research to support better, faster and more flexible supply chain management and warehouse operations.

As 2016 comes to a close, we’ve created a list of our top 10 most popular articles. If you missed them the first time, here’s your chance to read all the best stuff in one place!

1. Top 3 Logistics Predictions for the 2016 Holiday Season

  • Watch the Logistics 2.0 video and hear what the top three predictions were for this year’s holiday season.
  • Learn about SaaS and web-based technologies helping people compete with Amazon
  • See how 2016 predictions measured up!

2. Top 5 Logistics Technologies

  • Discover the top 5 supply chain innovations that have made the greatest impact on the business of logistics
  • Discover new technologies that are saving companies big money
  • Learn about inventory tracking sensors that increase speed and accuracy

3. 1 Big Lesson E-commerce Can Take From Walmart/ Acquisition

  • Learn why fast, low-cost delivery is the key to winning eCommerce customers
  • Read the latest research on how consumer behavior is shifting the supply chain
  • Discover how small eCommerce companies are cutting transit time by 50%

4. Chasing Amazon: Building a Dynamic Warehouse Network White Paper

  • Read the white paper on how small businesses are finding solutions to compete with Amazon
  • Learn how one company built an affordable distribution network that enabled 70% of its customers to receive 2-day delivery
  • Discover how on-demand warehousing and pop-up distribution is supporting a new kind of flexible, dynamic supply chain

5. Supply Chain Innovation – Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Learn what the IoT is
  • See how it can improve efficiency, accuracy and costs in your supply chain

6. 3 Fulfillment Strategies Giving Retailers an Advantage

  • Find out why “trying new things” is no longer a luxury, but essential to the survival of the industry
  • Discover how other retailers are using new fulfillment strategies to get ahead
  • Hear about things like BODFS, click and collect, pop-up distribution and last-mile delivery

7. 4 Biggest Numbers in Warehousing

  • Discover the latest numbers behind the industrial real estate market
  • Hear about vacancy rates and new construction build rates and how these numbers impact your supply chain

8. On-demand Warehousing Quarterly Pricing and Usage Report

  • Read the second quarterly report on pricing, usage and volume trends in on-demand warehousing
  • Discover why floor space is the largest sector in on-demand warehousing
  • Learn how on-demand warehousing is impacting he modern supply chain

9. Add Flexibility with these 4 Logistics Technologies

  • Discover the biggest factors driving supply chain flexibility
  • Hear about four new technologies others are using to make their supply chains more nimble
  • Read about how your supply chain can give consumers more flexible shopping options, and learn why that’s so important!

10. Top 11 Cities for Pop-up Fulfillment

  • See the infographic on the top 11 cities used for pop-up fulfillment
  • Read about why these cities are such successful hubs
  • Learn how pop-up fulfillment can help you deliver on your customer promise

Whether you are a shipper, a warehouse operator or just a logistics enthusiast, we hope you will continue reading in 2017. And don’t forget to send us your ideas! Our goal is to provide helpful information on the things you care the most about.