Welcome to the FLEXE Blog!

There is much change in the world of supply Atlanta Braves jersey wholesale chain logistics today. While change, itself, isn’t new, the rate of change and its transformation on business processes is significant. At FLEXE, we believe the root of this supply chain transformation is the Internet – both because it has enabled consumers to control, expect and demand things that they never could before (free, same-day delivery?!? Are you kidding me?), and because it is enabling companies to provide better/faster/cheaper/more flexible services than they ever could before.

FLEXE not only embraces this kind of change, but also enables it. We believe that Internet technologies and cloud-based software can create massive amounts of value for businesses large and small. We believe that current supply chain infrastructure and technology is too rigid and outdated. We believe that today’s level of eCommerce-driven consumer empowerment is only the tip of the iceberg and will increasingly demand more flexible and innovative supply chains. We believe that this massive change will be disruptive, but that it will also be fun – and most importantly, hugely beneficial for the consumers, shippers and Claude Giroux jersey womens logistics companies that embrace it.

Our mission is to help supply chain managers solve some of the most significant challenges facing business today. We will surface and address many of those challenges in this blog, providing not only our perspective but the perspective of other industry experts as well. In this, we cheap hockey jerseys join a new class of companies advancing new technology and innovation, including our friends from Flexport, Cargomatic, Codeshelf, Transfix and Peloton Technology. And of course, we’ll also keep you up to date on what is happening at FLEXE and where you can see us at various industry conferences and events.

Stay tuned to this space for much more to come.

// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results