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Case studiesSeptember 04, 2018

eCommerce Cosmetics Company: Scalable, Flexible eCommerce Fulfillment

Rapidly increasing demand was creating a fulfillment bottleneck. This retailer needed a new solution to prepare for the Q4 peak season that was only a few months away.

For one FLEXE customer, rapidly increasing demand was creating a fulfillment bottleneck. Having a part-time shipping team fulfilling orders from its office was no longer enough. They needed a fulfillment solution that could scale and support its continued business growth.

By the numbers:

  • 38,489 orders fulfilled during its first full operating month (Month 2)
  • 100,428 orders fulfilled during peak season demand (Month 7)
  • 99,476 orders fulfilled after peak season, showing maintained momentum (Month 9)


This shipping predicament

Finding a solution provider with the right expertise and solution they needed to keep up with order volumes.

Forecasting demand

Pinpointing how growth would continue and working with a partner that could support the unknown.

Timing is everything

Peak season was just around the corner. This company needed a solution that could help them meet the demands of the unknown


FLEXE eCommerce Fulfillment

FLEXE eCommerce Fulfillment enabled this customer to source the right fulfillment partner. It used the FLEXE software platform to manage inbound and outbound shipments, as well as inventory volumes and order status in real-time.

Determining the right location

Together, we determined that centrally positioning inventory in Reno, Nevada was the optimal first step for fulfillment and a way to focus on moving more volume to meet customer demands. From that location, it’s possible to reach more than half (53%) of U.S. demand with two-day delivery.


Turning up the volume

Between their first full operating month with FLEXE to Month 7, they scaled order volume from 38,489 to more than 100,000 orders/month and 183,000 units.

Driving down operating costs

Over time, our customer maintained an average fully burdened cost of $1.62 per order and an average $0.85 per unit. The fully burdened price includes cumulative costs for inbound shipments, storage, outbound shipments, hourly labor, and supplies.

Finding the right FLEXE provider in Iron Mountain®

The Iron Mountain team tested and optimized processes to streamline operations and work more efficiently to make sure orders got out on time. Even during the peak season, the team maintained 99.8% accuracy on orders.

“We internally managed our own kind of quality control with the help of FLEXE,” said Deborah Bisel, Operations Supervisor, Iron Mountain - Reno. “It enabled us to optimize our processes to improve accuracy and help our team get orders right—even during weeks when we’d process more than 30,000 orders.”

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