Case studies

Event Sales Streamlines Reverse Logistics Buying Opportunity

Since 1985, Minneapolis-based Event Sales has been serving the reverse logistics needs of retailers and manufacturers seeking to dispose of excess merchandise. Event Sales has assortments and large selections of customer returns, closeouts, and clearance products. As a result, the company can offer its customers a great selection of high-value products at a fraction of the original retail price.

One key to providing great service is having a distribution and logistics capability that can respond quickly to buying opportunities – no matter where that inventory exists. As an example, Event Sales recently had an attractive opportunity to buy hundreds of general merchandise pallets in the Los Angeles area from a leading national retailer, and needed warehouse space to store its goods on very short notice. They needed a cost-effective storage solution L.A., with the ability to manage their inventory and operations from their Minneapolis headquarters.


As Event Sales scrambled to locate short-term warehouse space, they discovered FLEXE, a Seattle-based company whose technology platform connects companies in need of flexible, short-term warehouse storage with businesses looking to monetize their under-utilized warehouse space. Leveraging FLEXE’s secure online system, the company quickly got price quotes, found a facility that met their requirements, and made a reservation to store its product. After just 20 minutes of training, the Event Sales team was up and running using FLEXE’s software, and could easily manage their material handling operations by:

  • Scheduling inbound and outbound shipments
  • Uploading inventory descriptions by product ID and code
  • Tracking inventory in real time


With FLEXE, Event Sales was able to move very quickly on a buying opportunity without creating operational chaos. They also learned that the “on-demand” storage model is a perfect fit for their needs, and are now able to generate great business results including:

  • One-day turnaround from facility search to confirmed reservation
  • Cost savings from avoiding new lease obligations, and paying only for the storage capacity used
  • Ensuring high quality service levels by maintaining direct control of inventory in remote locations

Given the network of facilities in the FLEXE marketplace, Event Sales now has reliable, “virtual capacity” at the ready in several key markets.