Case studies

Play Visions Toys Manages Growth with "On-Demand" Storage

When Play Visions, a Woodinville, WA-based importer and wholesaler of novelty toys recently introduced its newest product, the company quickly discovered they had a hit toy in their product line, as retail orders began to spike. However, they also soon found that orders exceeded projections and they did not have space in their existing 40,000 square foot warehouse to accommodate the influx of goods.

Furthermore, beyond the success of their new hit product, the company needed to manage the build-up to its Q4 holiday season. They had containers with product coming into the port, and not enough space to store and efficiently manage their daily warehouse operations.

Subleasing was not a viable option, as the company did not want to commit to a fixed monthly payment. Nor could they accurately forecast how long the product demand would last and for how long they would need the additional storage capacity.


As Play Visions scrambled to locate short-term warehouse space, they discovered FLEXE, a Seattle-based company whose technology platform connects companies in need of flexible, short-term warehouse storage with businesses looking to fill their under-utilized warehouse space.

Leveraging FLEXE’s secure online system, the company quickly found space to store its product. Using FLEXE’s software, the company was able to easily manage their operations across multiple warehouses by:

  • Providing palletization instructions for inbound containers
  • Uploading inventory descriptions by product ID and code
  • Tracking inventory in real time
  • Controlling shipments by date, product ID, quantity, and inventory lot type including FIFO


By taking advantage of on-demand storage and utilizing space only as needed, Play Visions has injected flexibility into its supply chain and generated great business results including:

  • Saving thousands of dollars in monthly storage fees
  • Avoiding new lease obligations
  • Ensuring high quality by maintaining direct control of inventory