Case studies

Westside Baby Secures Much Needed Space for Kimberly Clark

Westside Baby is a non-profit organization that collects donations and distributes childcare products to families in need. They were just about to receive pallets of diapers from Kimberly Clark when they realized they did not have the space. Unfortunately, Westside Baby suffered a fire in one of their facilities, which required them to move to another location that simply wasn’t big enough to handle the large shipment from Kimberly Clark. With the task of filling 350 orders per week for the nearly 27,000 children in King County, they needed to find space for those diapers fast.


After learning about FLEXE, Westside Baby was able to go to and within minutes find the exact amount of space in the exact location for the exact amount of time they needed. Using the FLEXE online marketplace, they were able to choose from among a number of warehouse options and find a partner and price that worked for them. The search and selection process took just minutes and they were able to secure the space they needed within days.


Instead of the very important, and very appreciated, shipment from Kimberly Clark causing a major problem for Westside Baby, everything ran smoothly. With FLEXE, Westside Baby was able to instantly expand their warehouse space, take the much-needed delivery and avoid any disruption of service to the families that depend so much on their help. Because every parent knows, when you're in need of a diaper – every moment counts!