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3 Reasons Retail Partnerships and Acquisitions Fuel Market Growth

It’s safe to say, and even redundant, that trying to compete with the Walmarts and the Amazons of the world with equivalent business models is out of reach for most retailers. Giant brick-and-mortar and online retailers have too much clout, history, and investment in their distribution and fulfillment networks for most other retailers to even […]

3 Amazon Moves Suggesting Next-Day Delivery Will Become the New Norm

When you shop online, what are your expectations? It’s a complicated question that has everything to do with context. But on average, when it comes to checking out online, is it cost of delivery, speed of delivery, the process it takes to even get to that point? It’s easy to throw items into an online […]

Win Q4: Make Fulfillment Your Secret Weapon


The 2016 holiday season brought in more than $1 trillion in sales for retailers. For many, it’s the biggest time of the year and accounts for up to 30% of annual sales. And, the 2017 holidays are right around the corner. For eCommerce retailers, holiday success comes down to two departments: Marketing and Logistics. Your […]

Be a Contender: Top 3 Reasons for On-Demand Fulfillment


How do you compete with Amazon? With its vast distribution network in the United States, Amazon has set a precedent for shipping logistics that’s probably making your team sweat. However, the “Amazon effect” is not insurmountable—nor is it new. Rethinking your logistics strategy and increasing your number of fulfillment centers has likely been on your […]

Top 5 Things to Know about FLEXE Next-Day Delivery


eCommerce shopping is only 12% of all retail sales, but it continues to be the fastest growing shopping channel. The backbone of any successful eCommerce retailer is its logistics strategy and how quickly and efficiently it can fulfill orders to customers. Why is shipping so important? First, as more sales move online, customers want what […]

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