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Future of Supply Chain

An Industry Disrupted: Embracing the New Reality

Chapter One

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It is no surprise the fundamentals of retail and supply chain are changing. The how and why of it has everything to do with new technology, and the new ways in which that very technology is affecting our everyday lives.

It is now the responsibility of retail and supply chain companies everywhere to take a good, hard look at their operations, assess what is and isn't working, and make room to innovate. If not, the very real implication of doing nothing could cost you your business.

In this section, Neil Ackerman from Johnson & Johnson explores how technology and eCommerce has made every business a supply chain business; Tina Sharkey, CEO of Brandless, discusses why the old, linear business model is broken and, ultimately, not worth fixing; Ken Ackerman, a long-standing supply chain professional, outlines seven supply chain disruptions and their effect on the art of warehousing.

Clearly, as our industries evolve, a new reality must be embraced, new supply chain strategies must be employed, and new, innovative logistics technologies must be leveraged to get us there.

We Are All in the Supply Chain Business Now

Neil Ackerman

Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Advanced Planning and Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

The ongoing transformation of our industrial supply chain is hardly the first of its kind. What’s different about today’s modernization is its unprecedented speed. We are still in the early phases, but the supply chain will evolve from a clunky, reactive, operational process into a strategic profit driver, woven deep within the fabric of every competitive business.

The Old Supply Chain: That System Is Broken, and We're Not Fixing It

Tina Sharkey

CEO, Brandless

Companies spend a lot of time, money, and effort to acquire each customer. You can’t just let your customer experience drop off when the order hits the distribution center. You want to sustain a great relationship with your customer all the way to them unboxing their order. Today, logistics providers need to do more than just deliver products.

Disruptive Innovations and the Art of Warehousing

Ken Ackerman

President, The Ackerman Company

In the not too distant future, we could see major changes not just in retailing and transportation, but also manufacturing and real estate. By inventing new ways of moving goods and allowing customers to buy stuff more conveniently, we are potentially altering the very structure of communities in ways we’ve not yet identified.