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Future of Supply Chain

Organizing the Chaos: Evolving Technology Drives Efficiency, Visibility, and Results

Chapter Two

Technology will be the ultimate driver of success...

Technology is both the cause and the cure for the retail and supply chain disruptions that we are facing.

As every business is now a supply chain business, so too, is it a technology business. Real-time data and visibility into operations isn't illusory. It's possible, and capabilities are only improving. The difference between the businesses that are thriving in five years and those that aren't, are the businesses that are using the data they have and making sense of it to improve the customer experience.

In this section, S'well COO, John Heller, says liberation lies in good data; Jason Ivy from Impinj discusses new supply chain technologies that give "digital life" to products; Jeff Metersky from LLamasoft talks about the foundational merits of supply chain design and planning; Rich Thompson from JLL seeks opportunity in underutilized assets and how technology can shed light on those gaps.

Good Data Will Set You Free

John Heller

COO, S'Well

Supply chain management and logistics cover a lot of ground: meeting with manufacturers, product planning, production and tooling capacity, inventory planning, third-party logistics relationships and fulfillment operations, and managing overseas production. But the best supply chain managers are also data analysts at heart. All the answers that you need are in your data somewhere.

Fulfilling the Promise of Supply Chain IoT with Rain RFID

Jason Ivy

Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry, Impinj

We are moving closer to getting real-time location data at the goods-level on every item sold, enabling better consumer experiences and vast efficiency gains throughout the supply chain. Eventually, each product’s “digital life” will begin as soon as it is made, enabling real-time visibility from start to finish.

The Power of Supply Chain Design

Jeff Metersky

VP Customer Success Strategy, Llamasoft, Inc.

Great supply chain designers balance multiple objectives: financial considerations, customer service levels, risk management, sustainability initiatives. It takes discipline to focus on short-term operational needs without losing sight of strategic long-term goals.

Supply Chain Collaboration Drives Business Opportunity

Rich Thompson

International Director, Global Supply Chain & Logistics, JLL

There's quite a lot of industrial space that could be made available if it were allocated more efficiently. As information technology gets integrated into warehouses and other supply chain components, it allows companies to monitor inventory more effectively, enabling a more flexible, adaptive business model.