Image of Fosc Ch4 Human Element Supply Chain Professionals And Customers

Future of Supply Chain

The Human Element: Meeting Customer Demands And The Supply Chain Professionals That Make It Possible

Chapter Four

The drivers for success and innovation...

Why innovate and how will you succeed? The answer to both is people. Technology is the tool, but people make it possible. Consumers use technology to research and shop online. As a result, their expectations have changed, and we in the industry must meet their expectations. On the other hand, enterprise technology to drive customer satisfaction is only successful with employee buy-in. We must arm our teams with the tools they need and empower them to do their jobs well.

In this section, Bob Spieth from QVC illustrates the power consumers have in the market and how it's every business's job to meet customer demands; Kevin Kryscio from Ace Hardware says our technology toolkit is only as good as the people behind it serving end consumers; Ryan Gorecki from Innovel Solutions discusses the role supply chain professionals play in improving services and how technology enhances success if done correctly.

In The Commerce Era, The Customer Wins

Bob Speith

Chief Operations Officer, QVC Group

eCommerce success will be a direct result of how your business supports customer experience and meets demands. We’re in a world where creating a unique and differentiated customer experience is key. Luckily, we have the tools to deliver much more value to customers by innovating in the supply chain.

Embrace Supply Chain Innovation, But Don't Neglect The Fundamentals

Kevin Kryscio

Senior Director, Supply Chain Distribution & Logistics, Ace Hardware

For many organizations, the tools are running faster than their readiness to use them. They still need to connect the dots and learn how to apply the information to their business. Otherwise, you have a fancy tool kit that can't help you serve your customers the way you want to.

Balancing Technology With The Human Touch

Ryan Gorecki

Senior Director, Innovel Solutions

Computers, technology, robotics, and data are fantastic tools for improving logistics and fulfillment performance. But, we will always need to balance those tools with the human component. The most successful supply chain operators will be those that can identify and deploy them both.

Constrained Assets Add To Supply Chain Challenges

Scott McWilliams

EVP, Strategic Development, Geodis

The supply chain industry faces extraordinary pressure to deliver products faster than ever before while also holding down costs. To do both of those things simultaneously will require relentless innovation and major improvements in efficiency. And we have to achieve all that in one of the tightest labor markets in history.