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Logistics' busiest time arrives amid a severe capacity crunch. Last year’s peak season drove record demand for goods. Market dynamics shifted. Consumers bought less. Now, shippers face a different challenge—finding warehouse space.


vacancy rate, lower than pre-pandemic rates

Costar, 2023


per square foot for asking rent rates—a new record

CBRE, 2022


out of stock message increased last peak season

Adobe, 2021


average port adjacent market vacancy versus 4.8% national average

Flexe Network Insight, 2023

Peak Readiness Resources

Logistics Challenges Spur Innovation

Q4 2021 was unprecedented. Consumers shopped earlier to avoid stockouts, delivery expectations increased and e-commerce sales were 26% higher than originally projected, accounting for 20.9% of total sales. Given current market conditions, Q4 2022 may be as challenging as 2021, or worse. Learn how leading retailers solve those disruptions with a program-based, or a programmatic logistics, approach.

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Peak Readiness Resources

Global Coffee Company Tackles Peak-Season with the Flexe Rapid Replenishment Program

Peak season stockouts means frustrated customers and lost sales. Learn how one of the world’s largest coffee retailers implemented the Flexe Rapid Replenishment Program to solve peak season challenges. In just two weeks, a Flexe warehouse provider started handling 5,000 retail distribution orders per day for one of the world’s largest coffee retailers.

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Peak Readiness Resources

Large Home & Garden Retailer Avoids Stockouts Using Flexe Logistics Programs

National retailers cannot afford persistent stockouts during peak season. Learn how a large home and garden retailer thrived amidst disruption using the Flexe Rapid Replenishment Program.

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Peak Readiness Resources

Download the Peak Season Guide

Even in optimal economic and market conditions, retailers and brands face planned and unplanned peak challenges. These exist across the supply chain, impact customer experiences and can limit revenue. Conversely, unplanned challenges keep logistics professionals up at night and are largely outside their control.

Last year, logistics professionals faced ample planned and unplanned challenges. Read Flexe's peak guide to see how you can prepare for both.

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