Survey Sheds Light On Delivery Promise Gap: Supply Chain DIVE Insights

FLEXE recently conducted the 2017 eCommerce Business Fulfillment and Logistics Survey to 100+ eCommerce companies. We wanted to understand how delivery promise impacts sales.

The full report will be available soon, but Supply Chain DIVE released an article this week, Exclusive: Retailers don’t think fast, free shipping is important to consumers, in which FLEXE co-founder and CEO, Karl Siebrecht, discusses the results.

After speaking with Siebrecht, Kate Patrick, author of the article, states, “The study suggests that the retail problem is more complicated than just competition from e-commerce giant Amazon.”

And, she’s right.

The findings of the survey suggest there’s a pretty big “delivery promise gap” between what retailers offer and what customers want. Patrick writes, “Retailers simply don’t have enough distribution centers to deliver as quickly as consumers would like.”

The results also demonstrate a noticeable difference between Amazon and … everyone else. That isn’t necessarily surprising, but distribution network size affects delivery promise and retailers’ abilities to meet customer demands for fast, free shipping.

Visit the Supply Chain DIVE article to learn more, and keep an eye out for the full report analyzing the results of the 2017 eCommerce Business Fulfillment and Logistics survey.