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Deliver orders faster

71% of customers abandon online shopping carts because of high fees and slow delivery. Find out how many fulfillment centers you need to improve your delivery promise and delight customers.

Expand your fulfillment network, shorten the last mile of delivery

You can reach 98% of your customers with next-day ground.

Leverage the FLEXE warehousing and fulfillment network to shorten the last leg of delivery, bolster your brand, and reach your customers faster.

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Keep pace with the behemoths.

97% of shoppers say speed of delivery is key to making a purchase. With FLEXE, reach more of your customers faster through a network that offers the flexibility and scalability traditional 3PLs and warehousing solutions can’t.

Fulfillment doesn’t have to be a headache.

But you may need more than one warehouse to deliver the fast and free shipping your customers have come to expect. Get the right inventory in the right fulfillment centers to reduce outbound shipping times and costs, while managing them all in one cloud-based platform.

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Delight customers your way.

Outsourcing logistics to Amazon cedes control over your brand. With FLEXE, you can control your own packaging and brand experience, delighting your customers in a way that’s unique to you.

Your business is your thing. Warehousing is ours.

Traditional logistics solutions are fixed, risky, and require a massive amount of up-front capital. Luckily, we’ve built a way for brands to avoid long-term capital commitments with a flexible alternative that expands and contracts with the flow of your business.

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Exceptional experiences

Fast, affordable delivery doesn’t have to be so complicated. Simplify order fulfillment and execute memorable experiences that elevate your brand and wow customers.

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Simple setup

Remove the complexity of the search and implementation processes, with our simple, guided setup. From warehouse network analysis, to system integration, to your first shipment—our team is here to help.

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From startup to scale

Our flexible model for eCommerce fulfillment provides operational insights and a team of dedicated experts, creating a platform for you to scale your business to where you want it to go.