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Storage and replenishment for FBA

The FLEXE FBA Storage and Replenishment Program helps keep best-selling products in-stock at FBA fulfillment centers, minimizing lost sales, and maintaining healthy inventory levels.

FLEXE storage and replenishment facilities are located near a number of Amazon fulfillment centers and have been configured to support FBA sellers. The FLEXE network is currently supporting this program in Southern California and New Jersey with additional locations coming soon.

Simplify how you work with FBA

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Have more control of your inventory

Stockouts kill your Amazon seller ranking. Gain real-time visibility into on-hand inventory levels with FLEXE's WMS and stay in the box to capture demand.

Fast turnaround times

Once you create an FBA shipment order through Amazon’s Seller Central, you can feel confident that the FLEXE warehouse will pick, pack, prepare, and ship that order to the specified Amazon fulfillment center with FBA box ID labeling included. And, with Enterprise-grade SLAs (less than 24hr putaway & 48hr ship-on-time) and shorter travel times, you'll never miss an order.

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Optimize costs

Maximize profit margins with unlimited storage and no charges to sign up and start using the program. FLEXE will never lock you into a long-term storage contract or charge startup fees.

Can FLEXE support my Amazon FBA business?

Access to this storage and replenishment program is available to FBA sellers for inventory meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Items must be replenished in Amazon fulfillment centers only
  • No consumable, perishable, or temperature controlled items
  • No items classified as dangerous goods, class 9, or hazmat
  • All items must fit on a standard pallet (40 x 48 inches)
  • Pallet or box shipments only
  • All items must be sent in single SKU boxes
  • Storage pallet maximum height: 60 inches

Ready to get started?

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