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Scale your fulfillment operations with your business

Grow your network overnight—almost literally. Request a demo.

With FLEXE, our average order delivery time went from 6.2 to 2.5 days and our Fedex costs decreased 30%.

eCommerce Bed-in-a-Box Retailer


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A solution the whole team can use.

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Optimize performance with control and visibility.

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Grow your network with your business.

FLEXE Fulfillment Packages


For companies looking to outsource fulfillment. Set up your first fulfillment center in 7 days.

*minimum of 1000 orders/month

  • Start with 1 FLEXE warehouse among the preferred partners based on your delivery needs
  • Custom packages and marketing inserts
  • World-class support and onboarding experiences


For companies looking to expand your fulfillment network and get 2-day deliveries.

*minimum of 3000 orders/month

  • Work with 2-5 warehouses from the preferred partners based on network analysis
  • FLEXE routes orders to the most suitable warehouse
  • Reach 87% of US in 2 days with ground shipping
  • Dedicated account manager


Custom ecomm fulfillment. Work with warehouses across the nation based on network analysis to optimize delivery speed and cost

*minimum of 7000 orders/month

Simple, transparent, and scalable order fulfillment.

Growing your fulfillment network has never been so easy. Go from one location to many. There are no long-term leases and a single set of terms for all FLEXE providers, making scalability a no-brainer.