Introducing FLEXE 2.0!

As our customers already know, the FLEXE software platform is the key to making our warehouse marketplace possible. By connecting all of our customers and warehouse partners together through a common platform, we ensure all participants in the marketplace can transact efficiently and effectively at scale. This, powered by our commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation, is the engine that will enable supply chains across the world to become more flexible and adaptable.

In keeping with this commitment, we have redesigned our Shipper interface to be more intuitive and easier to use than ever before with our release of FLEXE 2.0. A few highlights of the release are:

Easier navigation: streamlined access for better shipment and inventory management

Advanced filtering: ability to filter and search inventory, shipments and invoices across multiple warehouses

Situational awareness: quick access to items requiring your attention and your overall inventory flow

Thanks to all of our customers who provided the invaluable input and feedback that made these improvements possible. Keep it coming. To schedule a demo, contact us today!