Want to learn more about on-demand warehousing?

FLEXE has published a number of customer stories, white papers, quarterly trend reports and blogs on the topic. Also, take a look at Logistics 2.0, our Youtube channel that examines all kinds of logistics issues, trends and key technology players.

Welcome to Logistics 2.0

Logistics 2.0 is a video series that addresses the rapidly changing worlds of logistics and supply chain management. Hosted by FLEXE CEO Karl Siebrecht, the program covers a wide range of topics and we’d love for you to be involved in shaping the discussion.


White Papers

The cost of doing business with Amazon is high, but for many eCommerce retailers it has been the best option for fulfillment. Not anymore. In this whitepaper, find out how…
For years, business strategies drove the supply chain to be linear and stable. Distribution channels and the buying experience were well defined, so supply chain operations could be, too. Today’s…

Q Reports

We wanted to know how pricing and usage metrics trend in the FLEXE marketplace. Here are the numbers.  FLEXE is the first and largest on-demand warehousing marketplace, founded in 2013.…

Why Your Delivery Promise Matters

In May, we launched FLEXE Next-Day Fulfillment, our on-demand fulfillment solution that enables retailers to reach 98% of… Learn More

Top 5 Ways Augmented Reality and Apple ARKit Will Transform Retail and Logistics

Earlier this month, Apple announced its arrival to the augmented reality (AR) party with the release of Apple… Learn More

2017 Warehouse Capacity Economics and Trends Report

In mid-2015, FLEXE conducted a survey of supply chain professionals across multiple industries to identify and understand what… Learn More