vector-mapThe First, Largest Warehouse Services Marketplace.

Whether you need short-term warehousing services or you have extra space and resources, FLEXE has a solution for you.

Now you can leverage industry scale, create unprecedented flexibility in your operations and turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

A massive network of buyers and providers

A powerful software platform that drives efficiency, visibility and control

A comprehensive and flexible insurance program in partnership with Lloyds of London

eCommerce Fulfillment

Add fulfillment centers dynamically to reduce shipping times and costs.

Retail Distribution

Manage distribution to all retail channels to meet OTIF requirements and reduce costs.

Inventory Overflow

Add storage capacity instantly and manage it all from one platform.

For Retailers & Brands

Overflow  |  Fulfillment

Historically, when organizations needed extra warehouse space it required manually making multiple calls, settling for less desirable locations or spending more than necessary because of lease requirements. Today, FLEXE provides peak inventory overflow and e-commerce fulfillment solutions that put you just a click away from 400+ warehouses in 50+ cities.



For Warehouse Operators

Bulk Storage  |   Fulfillment

Nearly every warehouses’ inventory goes up and down resulting in unused space throughout the term of the warehouse lease. FLEXE enables you to turn that space into revenue and as a result, reduce your supply chain costs. We seamlessly connect you to shippers while at the same time simplifying and unifying the workflow throughout the whole process.


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