Lower Supply Chain Costs

The FLEXE marketplace enables you to provide warehouse storage and services to other businesses on your own terms, generating new revenue and lowering overall supply chain costs. Learn more below or jump to The FLEXE Software Platform ↓

Learn More About FLEXE for Warehouse Operators


Bulk Storage Solutions

FLEXE allows you to offer space and services on-demand via our marketplace. It’s easy to list your space and you maintain total control over the projects you accept. All workflow and terms are already formalized into the system.


Fulfillment Solutions

Increase your revenue-generating capabilities by offering additional pick and pack services and turning your warehouse into a fulfillment center. The FLEXE marketplace connects you to shippers that need to expand their fulfillment operations.


Core System

The Core System includes data, matching and tracking software. It is the source of truth for all inventory and delivery data. It also helps shippers tag their inventory and pallets for easy tracking while also helping warehouses manage inbound and outbound quality and workflow. EDI and API integration allow organizations to continue using their WMS systems while gaining access to FLEXE information and services.

Warehouse Tools include the cloud-based Listing, Warehouse Management, Billing and Analytics functionality needed for the listing and managing of warehouse space within the FLEXE Marketplace.


FLEXE markets your extra space for you.

It’s free and only takes moment to sign-up a warehouse and set pricing. Warehouses name their own terms and accept or reject the projects they want.


Workflow and communication tools simplify the work without custom IT development.

Warehouse workflow and communication are supported with tools that aid the execution of inbound and outbound deliveries, with special attention paid to “chain-of-evidence” communications and sign-offs that clarify pallet condition as it comes in and out of the warehouse.


Automated billing synchronizes shipments to ensure you get paid. On time.

The system ensures accuracy and unifies billing and payment across multiple shippers and simplifying payment.


Warehouse operations insight enables you to improve processes and earn more revenue.

In addition to the operational dashboard, which represents past, current and future shipments, advanced analytics provide insight into warehouse efficiency, optimization and network design.

// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results