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What Is a Bimodal Supply Chain and Why Does It Matter?


The elephant in the room is “innovation.” Is “bimodal supply chain” the tightrope that gets your business to the other side? It seems like every week in tech there’s a new buzzword—or macro trend that has the potential to change… everything. The cloud. Big data. XaaS. CapEx vs. OpEx. Digital transformation. Innovation. Anything “real-time”… You name […]

Best-in-Class Practices for Bimodal Supply Chains

FLEXE was recently included by Gartner along with Amazon and General Electric as a real-world example of a company that embraces Mode 2 of the bimodal strategy and we are providing the full Gartner report, “For Supply Chain Executives: The Bimodal Challenge”, as a complementary download for our readers. Gartner defines Bimodal as “the practice of […]

// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results