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Distribute your goods on time, every time

A single platform for distribution to retail partners that reduces costs and boosts efficiency.

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1000+ warehouses

The largest open, standardized network of warehouse and fulfillment providers.

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Unified software

Centralized visibility and control across multiple reservations and providers.

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Dedicated expertise

A team of logistics experts dedicated to the success of your business—day in, day out

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How it Works

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Identify FLEXE facility close to retail partner’s regional distribution center

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Upload SKU information to FLEXE

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Schedule inbound delivery of goods to FLEXE warehouse

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Monitor real-time inventory levels in FLEXE

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Schedule retail replenishment shipments as needed

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Access warehouses—everywhere

With FLEXE, you can shorten the last-mile for retail distribution by storing your goods closer to intake centers. Our network of warehouse providers is big and it’s growing, so no matter where you need to distribute goods, we can find you the right warehouses, in the right location, at the right time.

Avoid startup costs or long-term agreements

Now you can have a warehouse that’s dedicated to serving your wholesale channels without the upfront investment. With FLEXE, there are no startup fees and you pay only for the capacity and services you use so you can refocus that investment on sales and growth.

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Use powerful technology with simple processes

Our platform is easy to use and centralizes key workflows for managing inventory, shipments, and billing. With FLEXE, you can get ahead of delivery deadlines and ensure you have the right products in stock.

Boost sales and reduce costs

Lower transportation and logistics costs with more efficient product distribution. With a scalable, on-demand warehousing network, you can sell more of your products by making sure they’re always in stock.

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Retailers and brands can save between 40-80% on storage costs by distributing to Amazon through FLEXE.


FLEXE FBA Distribution

Fulfilling into the Amazon network is expensive. Place your inventory in neighboring FLEXE facilities to save on storage and transportation costs.

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