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Deliver exceptional customer experiences, every time

Use on-demand warehousing to stand out and make stronger connections with your customers.

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Act fast

Tap into the FLEXE network to add warehousing & fulfillment locations. There are no long-term commitments or fixed costs.

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Control experience

Send your products in your own packaging to reinforce your brand and customer experience. Elevate your own brand, not someone else’s.

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Grow more

Seamlessly grow your warehousing network to meet demand. Rely on the FLEXE teams to help drive strategic business growth.

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Use a dynamic solution to drive growth

Unlike traditional solutions, FLEXE is a scalable solution for warehousing and fulfillment. The combination of the FLEXE technology, network, and teams makes it incredibly simple to create the network that matches your business needs.


Make logistics your differentiator

Customer demands for fast, affordable shipping are only increasing. With on-demand warehousing, you have the flexibility to add more locations to shorten the last mile of delivery and store your goods—all without long-term contracts or investing in your own facilities.

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Control everything through the same system

The FLEXE technology platform is your control tower for your warehousing and fulfillment network. Centralize key workflows for managing inventory, orders, shipments, and billing.

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Consider us a part of your team

We’re here to help you grow faster. Our team of seasoned logistics professionals are here to manage your day-to-day operations and provide ongoing insights to continually improve network design and performance. We manage the logistics so you don’t have to.

FLEXE teams and expertise »

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Forget about traditional warehousing models

Our network of warehouse providers is big and it continues to grow. We can help you add locations to your footprint in a matter of days, and our teams will manage the sourcing and procurement for you.

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Our clients use FLEXE for...

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eCommerce Fulfillment

Create a dynamic fulfillment network that is built to scale and support your business growth.

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Retail Distribution

Save on storage costs for replenishing goods into your sales channels such as Amazon and Walmart.

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Inventory Overflow

Manage excess inventory with on-demand storage across the FLEXE network.

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Build a dynamic, flexible network that meets demand. Build something that improves the customer experience and gives you the structural flexibility to grow. Fast.

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