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Existing assets, new revenue

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Maximize profits

List your warehouse(s) with FLEXE to generate more demand and gain exposure to an entire marketplace of buyers.

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On your terms

Define your price and availability, bid on FLEXE projects that are right for your business.

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Lower costs

Listing with FLEXE is free, and so is the software. You can manage more projects without added costs.

How it works

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Leverage simple and free software

The FLEXE technology platform is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS). It’s super light, easy to onboard, and you can activate clients in a matter of days. There’s no integration with your own WMS. To manage FLEXE projects, you use our technology, mobile scanners, and tools that we provide—all for free.

Keep your calendar full

Even if you don’t have spare capacity now, there’s no reason not to list your facility with FLEXE. If you experience seasonal peaks, we can help you fill your warehouse during your slower season so you can earn revenue on otherwise dead capital and keep your staff busy year-round.

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Name your price

We’ll help you price competitively, but ultimately, you call the shots. You can set and determine your own availability to run FLEXE projects based on what makes the most sense for your business. We have warehouse providers that work with FLEXE a couple of times a year and some that run multiple, continuous projects.

Getting started is easy

The FLEXE Platform is your connection to bidding on and managing FLEXE projects. Once you get your first project, you get dedicated Operations Coordinators for each project, as well as implementation and launch support. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to take off.

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Types of FLEXE projects

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eCommerce Fulfillment

Manage direct-to-consumer fulfillment operations for FLEXE clients, including storage, picking, packing, and shipping orders.

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Retail Distribution

Provide bulk storage for clients distributing goods into retail channels like Walmart and Amazon.

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Inventory Overflow

Provide short-term bulk inventory storage and manage inbound and outbound shipments for FLEXE clients.

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