The FLEXE marketplace connects businesses that need warehousing and fulfillment services with organizations that have them.

Q Report

Q Report: 2016 Summary

The numbers are in. Find out how pricing and usage trended in the FLEXE marketplace throughout 2016.

Customer Success

Event Sales

Event Sales streamlined reverse logistics buying opportunity with short-term warehousing made possible by FLEXE.


20 Trends to Follow in 2017

Logistics is evolving and the climate is "innovate or die." Get the list of the top 20 trends to follow in 2017.

FLEXE Solutions are made possible by a powerful software platform


Connect with the right partners in the world’s largest marketplace.


Manage inventory across multiple partners through one system.


Unify invoicing and payments from all partners.


Track and manage data to improve performance.

I contacted FLEXE to find the right space and service partner and very quickly we were good to go and able to start moving product immediately.

—ACE Hardware

FLEXE made it possible to expand our pop-up stores into three new markets without exceeding our budget. Looking down the line, we see a lot of different ways FLEXE can help save us money and add flexibility to our warehouse strategy.


Our business is growing fast and FLEXE has allowed us to easily and efficiently expand our fulfillment capabilities to propel that growth.


Supported By an Experienced Team

Adrian Grigg

VP of Business Development

Adrian grows the FLEXE business by bringing on-demand warehousing and fulfillment solutions to market. He has worked in the logistics industry for about 12 years, most notably with OHL (now Geodis).

Dave Galgon

Director of Network Development

Dave builds great partnerships with high quality warehouse providers in every market we serve. He has spent roughly 20 years in logistics at companies like Overstock.com and Urban Outfitters.

Sarah Barnhart

Sr. Operations Manager

Sarah ensures client success and connects customer feedback to our product improvement efforts. She has worked in the logistics industry for nine years with UPS and Yusen Logistics.

FLEXE Premier Partner Program

The FLEXE network is growing. There are now more than 500 warehouses in the marketplace. To help create better matches between our customers and warehouse partners, we’ve created a global standard for recognizing performance excellence.


Backed by the Best

Featuring a comprehensive insurance program operated by Lloyd’s of London.