Lull Reduces Delivery Times by 51% and FedEx Costs by 30% with FLEXE

Lull uses FLEXE eCommerce Fulfillment to increase agility, improve their delivery promise to customers, and grow their business

As an eCommerce retailer, Lull moves most of their sales through their own website—a result of good marketing, customer service through the buying process, and a great product. However, in late 2016, Lull found themselves in need of a flexible, scalable fulfillment solution that could map to their business strategy and meet customer expectations for fast, affordable delivery. They turned to FLEXE.

By the Numbers:

  • 51% reduction in delivery times
  • 30% reduction in FedEx costs
  • 88% of market reached in two-days
  • 6X increase in SKUs


  • Dropshipping: Lull couldn’t store inventory or improve their delivery times.
  • Traditional Warehousing: Lull needed more flexibility than the long-term contracts and leases that 3PLs offered.
  • Limited Growth: Lull couldn’t expand partnerships or grow product lines unless manufacturers offered dropshipping.


FLEXE eCommerce Fulfillment gives Lull an agile, flexible approach to fulfillment that’s designed for strategic growth.


  • Reducing Delivery Times & Costs: Placing inventory in fulfillment centers, closer to demand, has shortened the last mile—reducing delivery times by 51% and FedEx costs by 30%.
  • Flexible, Fast Business Model: “FLEXE offers way more than any one 3PL can,” says Vaughn. Lull can focus less on logistics and more on their business with the help of the FLEXE Operations team and 4 fulfillment centers unified by the FLEXE technology platform.

FLEXE has enabled us to grow faster as a business, and has given us the flexibility to create new partnerships with manufacturers to offer more products to our customers.” – Robert Vaughn, Director of Product Operations, Lull

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