Flexe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Flexe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flexe Logistics Programs

Targeted, asset-independent supply chain solutions

  • What is a Flexe Logistics Program?

    Traditionally, shippers solved logistics problems using an owned network or outsourcing to 3PLs. A Flexe Logistics Program is a third way to solve fulfillment, distribution, or capacity challenges that doesn’t involve capital expenditure or a long-term lease. Flexe Logistics Programs combine technology, networks, and a transactional pricing model to solve the toughest omnichannel logistics challenges. Shippers access world-class warehouse and transportation networks through a single technology integration. Programs dynamically scale up or down based on need, while the shipper pays only for what is used.

  • What industries does Flexe serve?

    Flexe serves the retail, consumer goods, food and beverage, and industrial and manufacturing industries.

  • What does the Flexe Logistics Platform do?

    The Flexe Logistics Platform manages the daily operations of a Flexe Logistics Program. It combines inventory, order, warehouse, and transportation management capabilities into a single integration for the operator and shipper. The platform includes performance analytics and insights that drive continuous optimization and improvement across a Flexe Logistics Program.

  • What systems integrate with the Flexe Logistics Platform?

    The Flexe Logistics Platform integrates with ERPs, eCommerce platforms, and other enterprise applications. Shippers connect using Flexe APIs, EDI, or shopping cart connectors. Flexe performs integration at no additional cost. Manual data sharing is available using .CSV and requires no integration.

  • Can shippers use an existing carrier account?

    The Flexe Logistics Platform integrates with top FTL, LTL, and parcel accounts. Flexe also offers competitive rates for parcel and Same-Day Delivery Programs.

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Flexe Logistics Network

Expand without investing billions


  • How does Flexe ensure the quality of operators within the Flexe Logistics Network?

    Flexe logistics providers are extensively screened before joining the Flexe Logistics Network. Flexe performs site visits to ensure that the facilities and processes meet Flexe quality standards. Flexe tracks ongoing operator quality metrics through the Flexe Logistics Platform. The Flexe Operations team immediately addresses any issues that arise.

  • Who assumes liability for inventory when it enters the Flexe Logistics Network?

    Flexe operators assume liability for losses or damages that occur within the facility. Operators do not cover damages caused by “acts of God” and/or “acts of nature,” and the customer assumes liability. Each operator holds proper liability insurance at all times.

  • Can shippers access inventory at the warehouse?

    Due to liability and security concerns, shipper access is not typically permitted. However, inventory audits are allowed, and shippers must schedule audits with a Flexe Logistics Analyst in advance.

  • How is inventory tracked within the Flexe Logistics Network?

    Pallets are tracked via a License Plate Number (LPN) upon entering a warehouse. Floor-loaded cartons are tracked based on SKU and quantity received. Audits are performed on all inventory entering the warehouse to identify overages, shortages, or damages. The Flexe Logistics Platform supports cycle counts to identify discrepancies in stored inventory.

  • How does Flexe handle inventory discrepancies and damage claims?

    Each shipper has a dedicated Logistics Analyst to ensure the Flexe Logistics Program’s success. Contact the assigned Logistics Analyst to address any discrepancies or damage claims.

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Our Commitment

A flexible economic model to serve our customers

  • How does Flexe address billing questions?

    A Flexe Logistics Analyst helps answer and resolve billing questions.

  • What are the minimum requirements for a Flexe Logistics Program?

    Requirements vary by Program. Flexe determines the ideal Program design based on project goals, projected volumes, and workflow requirements.

  • How do shippers and/or operators get started with Flexe?

    There are a few ways to get started. You can call us at 1.855.376.2507. Or you can use our "Contact Us" form, located at the top right of website pages, then an associate will reach out to you once your information is submitted.

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