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The Future of Commerce

Disruption, transformation, and a little bit of magic guides the future of commerce.

eCommerce has fundamentally changed retail forever. Over the last two decades, legacy retailers have made great strides to create a strong online presence, and digitally native entrants have built new and exciting brands and moved into physical retail locations.

One thing is for sure: Physical retail isn't dead, but it is changing. Thousands of legacy retailers that didn't adapt quickly enough have closed their doors as buying behaviors change and the customer experience spans digital and physical channels.

Amazon has continued to push boundaries and redefine retail, demonstrating that success lies in seamless customer experiences, strong delivery promises, and a robust logistics and supply chain infrastructure. Retailers of all shapes and sizes are faced with tackling and refining omnichannel retail strategies, faster delivery times, and personalization that makes sense of all the customer data that's out there.

The Future of Commerce is a collection of articles from industry experts on how to survive, and even thrive, amidst the inherent evolution we're facing. Be sure to also check out The Future of Supply Chain, another collection of articles on supply chain innovations that underpin the success of retail transformation.