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Future of Commerce

Powering Retail into the Future: Logistics Is the Undercurrent of Commerce

Chapter Four

Logistics makes the future of commerce possible...

Supply chain. Logistics. Warehousing and fulfillment. The movement of goods. The supply chain industry is paramount to the success of all retailers.

The future of commerce hinges on how well goods are managed, moved, and exchanged. Every retailer and brand needs warehousing and fulfillment. But it doesn't stop and start in the warehouse. In this collection, we've heard from experts on packaging and distribution. In The Future of Supply Chain, we feature experts on ports, inventory allocation, and warehouse technologies. Every single opinion across these two collections express that retail isn't dead, it's changing. They agree that mastering logistics is what will fuel survival.

In this chapter, Stephen Beard, VP of Operations at Tile, highlights a key function in supply chain, reverse logistics, and the implications poor strategy has on brand value and the environment. Ben Marcus, Co-Founder and CEO of Airmap, discusses how drones will be used to optimize the movement of goods, decrease our carbon footprint, and even help provide emergency supplies to hard-to-reach areas. And, Joe Bobko, VP of Transportation at Boxed, talks through the importance of agility in omnichannel logistics and future partnerships that put the future of commerce at your door.

Don't miss Co-Founder and CEO of FLEXE, Karl Siebrecht's, conclusion on how all of us, together, are reinventing the oldest industry in the world through new technologies, innovation, and ideas.

Let's Talk Reverse Logistics for a Better Environment

Stephen Beard

VP of Network Development, FLEXE

We talk a lot about commerce and how the way we shop has changed. But as modern-day consumers decide among the myriad ways in which they can make a purchase, the quality of reverse logistics plays an increasingly important role, especially for the environment.

The Sky Is the Limit: Drones Move Transportation Forward and Up

Ben Marcus

Co-Founder and Chairman, AirMap

Maybe it sounds far-fetched, but we’ve learned by now not to doubt the big ideas. Drones are the future of transportation and we’re just getting started.

The Future of Commerce Is at Your Door

Joseph Bobko

Vice President of Transportation, Boxed

With customers ordering goods for delivery from any place that has Wi-Fi, retailers must find ways to bring their goods closer to where their customers are—quickly and efficiently—because speed and choice are everything.

Reinventing the Oldest Industry In the World

Karl Siebrecht

Co-founder & CEO, FLEXE

In the conclusion, learn how retailers, brands, and logistics professionals are collectively changing the future of commerce. For the better.