The intersection of logistics and technology

Flexe Logistics Programs expedite network expansion and growth through a flexible, asset-light model. No upfront costs or term agreements, just better omnichannel operations and a smarter use of capital.

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Flexe Logistics Programs

Why Flexe

Optimize logistics without risking capital

  • An asset-light and agile approach

    Complement fixed logistics infrastructure with flexible logistics networks. No CapEx, fixed-term agreements, or fixed costs.

  • Open, transactionally priced logistics networks

    Open logistics networks provide built-in flexibility and make smarter use of capital to improve omnichannel operations.

  • Powered by technology

    Unify warehouse placement, order and inventory management, fulfillment and transportation. All with a single technology platform and integration.

  • Solve the most difficult supply chain problems

    Improve delivery promises, respond to supply chain disruptions, and improve retail operations, fast. Eliminate leases, start-up costs, and inefficiency.

Ready to future-proof your logistics network?