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Port delays. Labor and capacity constraints. Delayed deliveries. Increasing consumer expectations.

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The Flexe Institute

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The Flexe Institute examines industry trends, data, and problem sets that retailers, brands, and logistics providers face today. From raw materials and manufacturing, to warehousing and fulfillment, to last-mile delivery, the institute delivers data-driven insights on every part of the supply chain that drive operational readiness, supply chain resilience, and growth. Jordan Lawrence, Flexe’s Director of Logistics Strategy is the Head of the Flexe Institute.

About Jordan Lawrence, Head of the Flexe Institute

Jordan Lawrence is Flexe’s Director of Logistics Strategy. He brings 13 years of deep industry expertise—spanning manufacturing-process engineering, ERP & WMS implementation, and domestic and international transportation. Previously, Jordan was Director of Strategic Accounts, and prior to Flexe, he was Principal Consultant at NetSuite. Jordan has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Business from East Carolina University.

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