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eCommerce Fulfillment Network for Next-Day Ground Delivery

Deliver to your customers faster through our network of fulfillment centers.

Expand your distribution network and shorten the last leg of delivery to bolster your brand and reach 98% of your customers with next-day ground.

3-Step FLEXE Network Analysis

It’s simple. Find out how many fulfillment center locations you need to achieve next-day ground delivery in your target market.

It’s as easy as

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3-Step FLEXE Network Analysis

What does your current U.S. customer demand pattern look like?

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3-Step FLEXE Network Analysis

What percentage of your market do you currently reach with next-day delivery?

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3-Step FLEXE Network Analysis

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Benefits of Next-Day Ground Delivery with FLEXE

  • Grow Faster
  • Cut Costs
  • Reduce Risk

It’s all about your customers.

eCommerce has catapulted logistics to the forefront of the customer experience. In fact, 97% of shoppers say speed of delivery is key to making a purchase.

With FLEXE, reach more of your customers faster through a network that offers the flexibility and scalability traditional 3PLs and warehousing solutions can’t.

Warehouses are expensive.

But you need a lot of them to deliver the fast, inexpensive shipping your customers have come to expect.

Get the right inventory in the right fulfillment centers to reduce outbound shipping times and costs. With FLEXE Next-Day, add more fulfillment centers without fixed costs or long-term commitments.

Add agility while nurturing your brand promise.

Traditional logistics networks require massive investments. Outsourcing logistics to Amazon cedes control. Both are risky.

With FLEXE you can avoid long-term capital commitments while controlling your own brand experience. Tap into a flexible solution that enables you to test, learn, and adapt as you go.

One Platform

The FLEXE marketplace provides eTailers access to the largest network of warehouses and fulfillment centers in North America

One-to-Many Connections

Connect to multiple fulfillment partners using the same interface to easily manage simultaneous projects, simplify operations, and maintain quality control

One-Day Delivery

Next-day ground is achievable by making it possible to add fulfillment locations without traditional, long-term, fixed investments

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