A Look Back at Season One

March 21, 2024

Karl Siebrecht and Ben Dean conclude season one of the podcast by looking back at key conversations.

Karl Siebrecht and Ben Dean (Flexe Sr. Director of Network Strategy & Optimization) conclude season one of the Logistics Leadership Podcast and highlight key moments and conversations. They discuss how to prepare supply chains for uncertainty, evolve to meet strategic goals and continuously optimize to improve outcomes.

Some of the topics explored:

  • How to build agility into the forecasting process and prepare for disruption
  • Evolving omnichannel supply chains to create great customer experiences
  • Test-and-learn approaches to optimize supply chains

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  • Karl Siebrecht 2022 Headshot 2

    Karl Siebrecht

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Ben Dean

    Ben Dean

    Director of Network Strategy & Optimization