Build Supply Chain Resilience with Digitization

November 16, 2023

Lior Ron (CEO, Uber Freight) joins Karl to talk about logistics technology and the future of transportation.

Details #

Lior Ron (CEO, Uber Freight) joins Karl to discuss supply chain digitization as well as transportation opportunities and challenges. Listen in and learn how digital infrastructure transforms logistics—and how innovators connect fragmented supply chains. Then hear from Chris Reed (Director of Business Development, Bogdan Delivery) on diversifying transportation partners and investing in the future.

Some of the topics explored:

  • The top benefits created by the digitization of supply chains

  • How technology democratizes supply chains and unlocks efficiencies

  • Advice for businesses who haven’t yet begun to digitize their supply chain

  • Top trends in transportation today—and the unprecedented speed of change

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  • Karl Siebrecht 2022 Headshot 2

    Karl Siebrecht

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Jordan lawrence flexe

    Jordan Lawrence

    Director of Logistics Strategy


  • Lior Ron Headshot

    Lior Ron

    CEO, Uber Freight

  • Chris Reed head shot2

    Chris Reed

    Director of Business Development, Bogdan Delivery