A single platform to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and meet OTIF requirements.

Multiple locations, one platform

One-to-many connection makes adding distribution centers super easy.

On time, every time

Easily comply with “on-time, in-full” (OTIF) expectations across channels.

Saved costs

Avoid high storage fees, pay only for the space and services you need

Channels We Support

FLEXE Network

Extending your distribution network has never been so simple. The FLEXE marketplace connects you to hundreds of warehouses across North America. There are no long-term leases and you can choose to work with as many providers as you need.

With FLEXE, you get control and visibility through a single platform. It’s a low-risk solution for building a dynamic distribution network.

Here’s How FLEXE Works

  • Identify key distribution locations.
  • Document project scope and identify potential providers.
  • Select providers and get started with the FLEXE software.
  • Go live, and start shipping goods to locations.
  • Directly monitor and manage operations through the FLEXE software platform

The FLEXE Software Platform

The FLEXE platform enables efficient and fast management of operations between hundreds of retailers & brands and warehouse operators while providing full inventory control and visibility.

The platform includes search, operations management, billing, and analytics—offering a simpler way to secure and manage distribution services to meet your needs.

FLEXE FBA Distribution

Fulfilling into the Amazon network is expensive. Place your inventory in neighboring FLEXE facilities to save on storage and transportation costs.


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// from Jordan Furdock at Net-Results