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Your brand promise, delivered.

Dynamically advertise free and fast delivery in Google Shopping ads with the new FLEXE integration to Google Merchant Center.

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Unified software

Simple, sophisticated platform that’s easy to use and gives you centralized visibility and control.

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Dedicated expertise

A team of logistics experts dedicated to the success of your business—day in, day out.

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Connected network

The largest scalable network of warehouse and fulfillment providers.

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How it works

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Tell us what you need & we’ll identify the optimal solution to get you there

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Select which goods to send through FLEXE

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Manage everything through the FLEXE technology platform

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Your orders are picked, packed, and shipped

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Packages get delivered & your customers are happy

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Elevate your own brand, not theirs

Don't ship in someone else's box. Create your own curated customer experience by fulfilling your orders through FLEXE. Maintain your brand, and give your customers a reason to come back again and again.

Ensure your delivery promises are kept

We know how important a consistent, reliable delivery experience is for your customers and your brand. We’ll help you establish the best-fit fulfillment network to support the promises you’ve made.

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Improve delivery times and costs

Fast, affordable delivery requires more fulfillment locations closer to your customers. Our technology and network makes it incredibly easy to scale your fulfillment network.

Keep everything in the same place

Manage everything from the same system. Centralize key workflows and use the same system for managing inventory, orders, shipments, and billing.

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Grow faster with data & reporting

Better decisions start with data. Our teams analyze and suggest systemic improvements so you can continually improve your network, delivery promise, and customer experience.

Consider us an extension of your team

Our teams are on it. From managing daily operations and exception handling to strategic planning, our teams are dedicated to your success—at every stage of growth.

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Ready to get started?

Build a dynamic, flexible network that meets demand. Build something that improves the customer experience, and gives you the structural flexibility to grow. Fast.

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