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Gartner: How retailers & brands benefit from on-demand warehousing

This report is no longer available to download.

eCommerce and direct-to-consumer retail are fundamentally changing how businesses manage their warehousing and fulfillment networks. There is a greater need for flexibility. Enter on-demand warehousing.

Read Gartner’s Supply Chain Brief to learn more about on-demand warehouse marketplaces, including:

  • Recommendations for testing a marketplace strategy
  • Value-added services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and cloud-based WMS technology
  • How on-demand warehousing can offset labor challenges

Per the Gartner report, “Economically, on-demand warehouses typically enable users to replace the fixed costs associated with a long-term lease with short-term variable costs, enabling a more agile supply chain that can ramp up and down as demand fluctuates.”

Analysts: David Gonzalez, Greg Aimi, John Johnson, Courtney Rogerson


  1. Gartner’s “Supply Chain Brief: How Shippers Can Benefit from the Fast-Growing On-Demand Warehouse Marketplace Sector", 4 June 2019, David Gonzalez, Greg Aimi, John Johnson, Courtney Rogerson