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Logistics is a people business

From daily operations to helping you scale your warehousing network, our teams are an extension of yours.

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Act with speed

As quickly as you can transport your inventory, we’ll have a qualified warehouse ready to receive your goods.

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End-to-end logistics support

From sourcing to go-live to expansion, our teams are here to guide you and make sure your business doesn’t stop when the unexpected happens.

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Operational visibility

We monitor your projects and report on key metrics to ensure SLA compliance is always met.

How it works

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Provide the scope of your project to FLEXE, get matched with a warehouse(s)

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Get trained on our software by the FLEXE Operations team

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Receive best practices on inbound shipments and order management

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Utilize FLEXE to monitor daily operations and exception handling

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Use dashboards, reporting, and check-ins to discuss changes to forecasts or SLA expectations

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We monitor warehouse activity and ensure everything is running smoothly

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Meet your logistics team

We understand that changing your distribution network is a big deal. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, we provide a Solutions Engineer, a dedicated Implementation Specialist, and an Operations Project Manager for support through the implementation phase until initial outbounds. Our goal is to make you feel unstoppable about go-lives, peak seasons, and large-scale projects.

Simplify everyday operations

A dedicated Operations Coordinator manages everyday operations on your behalf. We manage SLA compliance and exception handling, provide ad-hoc reporting, and escalate non-compliance issues to resolution. We take care of the logistics, so you don’t have to.

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Measure your warehouse KPIs

Every warehouse provider has key performance indicators (KPIs) to maintain standards and meet client expectations. We consistently maintain a 99% rate for on-time ship, as well as SLA compliance.

Innovate continuously

We’re dedicated to understanding your business in and out so we can help you grow. Our Client Success team facilitates quarterly business reviews, helps manage and develop network expansion plans, and offers key insights to optimize your logistics strategy.

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The right people at the right time

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Procuring warehouses

The Network Development team matches you with the right FLEXE providers to manage your project and has a 90+% success rate.

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Everyday operations

Your Operations Coordinator is your go-to for managing projects and monitoring day-to-day operations.

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Future growth

Our Client Success team ensures you gain continuous value that maps to your strategic goals and helps you create a network that supports growth.

Our clients use FLEXE for...

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eCommerce Fulfillment

Tap into a dynamic fulfillment network to grow your footprint and reduce delivery times and costs.

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Retail Distribution

Get your products into your third-party sales channels and deliver on time, every time.

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Inventory Overflow

Manage peak-season constraints and/or unexpected excess inventory by adding on-demand capacity, instantly.

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Build a dynamic, flexible warehousing and fulfillment network that meets demand. Build something that improves the customer experience, and gives you the structural flexibility to grow. Fast.

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